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Dali prefecture people's political consultative conference and state planning bureau to consult personally on key proposals

Date: 2015-12-06

On July 27, the state of Dali and China democratic league committee, DPP Dali committee, and state planning bureau is the proposal about protection and development of ancient villages in Dali prefecture, consult personally.
Concerning the protection of the ancient villages in Dali prefecture and the proposal of development, is the third time this year political association of committee in Dali prefecture the 12th meeting of the 123082th proposition, 2015, listed by the state committee of the Chinese one of ten key proposals.Dali prefecture planning bureau after receiving proposals, established the key leadership group supervisory proposal to deal with work, and in the process of conduction, conscientiously carry out special investigation, project negotiation meeting, timely communication and consultation with the plan to strengthen prefectural DuZhaShi, state DuZhaShi and touch of the state board of Chinese people's political consultative conference (CPPCC) proposal, according to the relevant requirements, will be proposed to handle the work divided into preparation stage, the first draft of the answer drafting stage, communication consultation with the plan stage, stage of formal reply.Has invited professional research consultation, the end of June, a prefectural DuZhaShi, state DuZhaShi, state of Dali proposal committee, the China democratic league committee chairperson of Dali committee and the state change, fiscal, living, culture, land and resources, such as tourism, environmental protection department or the leadership of the experts attending the meeting, the related content of the proposal involves project communication and consultation.
At the consult personally, head of the state planning bureau reported to handle the situation, a written reply in detail the questions in the proposal, the state related committees of the Chinese people's political consultative conference and zanu-pf Dali committee of DPP Dali, head of the prefectural satisfied with planning bureau reply, at the same time and advice are put forward on the next step of work.
State zhangsong, vice President of Chinese people's political consultative conference to attend the chamber of commerce and speech.