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Kong Guihua in Dali public security renovation project work required to create a more harmonious and stable social environment

Date: 2015-12-06

Special work meeting yesterday, the Dali public security regulation, chief of the communist party committee deputy secretary, Dali Kong Guihua requirements at the meeting, to carry out "play DaoQiang, strict control, management, and promote peace" rectification action, efforts to achieve "quite little, good order, social stability and public satisfaction" goal.
Kong Guihua pointed out that to carry out social security regulation is the implementation of the special action of xi jinping, general secretary of the inspection work related to important speech in yunnan province and Dali important indicator spirit of specific actions, is the inevitable requirement of practice of the people's public security for the people, the Dali smoothly plays an important role in promoting the reform and development, is one of the important measures to establish a good image Dali tourist city.The city's various departments at all levels should be unified thought, the clarity of the situation, to further enhance the sense of urgency and the sense of responsibility, take effective measures, determined to crack down on illegal and criminal behavior, to promote the campaign, make peace Dali thick part of the culture, to "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" start to build a more harmonious and stable social environment.
Kong Guihua request, the city's public security organs at all levels should be about both, good order, social stability, the less desirable goals, to "zero tolerance" attitude to crack down on "two rob a thief", "drug" and "black evil forces" and other illegal and criminal activities, resolutely curb high incidence of criminal case happens in momentum.To guide the masses demand and maintain their legal rights and interests in accordance with the law, make the rule of law and social trends.To severely punish the traffic order, punish severely overloaded drink driving, speeding, and disorderly parking place, etc, effectively improve the level of urban road unimpeded.To highlight the increase of detection rate, integration of forensic, JiZhen, network investigation, such as public security and other social resources, to solve a number of "two rob a thief" cold cases, intensify for money and goods recovered, and constantly improve the satisfaction of the masses.
Kong Guihua pointed out that to strengthen the leadership, strengthen the coordinated, establish linkage mechanism;To the rectification of the focus of the highlight, effectiveness, intensify propaganda, enlarge the propaganda campaign, the formation of everyone involved, support the social atmosphere of rectification.