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Dali prefecture to carry out the mutual activity of worker medical treatment success

Date: 2015-12-06

On November 17 afternoon, state of National People's Congress standing committee member of the party group, chairman of the federation of trade unions, states Cheng Yunchuan, on behalf of the yunnan province federation of trade unions, sent 139318 yuan to the late state highway road administration team vice division marshal KuiHongBin families, families moved to say, really helped us a lot!
Mutual activity of worker medical treatment in yunnan province, is the yunnan province town worker is basic medical treatment guarantee system of consolidated and supplement.From July 1, 2004 by the federation of trade unions in the province since the staff in the implementation of yunnan province, Dali prefecture federation of trade unions in accordance with the provincial federation of trade unions deployment requirements, organization to carry out the mutual activity of worker medical treatment seriously in the state.Activities for 11 years, trade union organizations at all levels to implement the maintenance function, greatly reduce the economic burden of the worker, basically solved the problem of difficulty and high cost of the worker to see the doctor, realized the mutual help of worker medical treatment "has the patient help me without disease I gang" activity objective, obtained the general staff's consistent high praise.
Since the activities, there are 1524506 employees to participate in the state, mutual gold to 107127764.00 yuan.Funding for phase 1 to 10, with more than 103793 workers, 6.8% of the total, to honour mutual gold 623.11567 billion yuan, accounting for 58.16% of the total amount.